Louella Fletcher-Michie Video

The trial of Ceon Broughton, the boyfriend of the late Louella Fletcher-Michie, has revealed deeply distressing details surrounding the events leading to her tragic death. The courtroom witnessed the presentation of a 51-minute-long video, captured by Broughton himself, showcasing Louella’s alarming hallucinations before her demise. This article delves into the disturbing content of the video and the consequential legal proceedings that unfolded during the trial.

 Louella Fletcher-Michie Video
Louella Fletcher-Michie Video

The Disturbing Video

During the trial, jurors were shown a 51-minute video recorded by Ceon Broughton, where Louella Fletcher-Michie can be seen hallucinating after ingesting 2C-P. The footage documented her progressively deteriorating condition, with Louella repeatedly shouting ‘mum’ and ‘dad, I love you’ while exhibiting erratic behavior. The distressing scenes included Louella slapping herself on the legs, creating an unsettling atmosphere in the courtroom.

 Louella Fletcher-Michie Video
Louella Fletcher-Michie Video

Additional Footage and Juror Dismissal

Beyond the hallucination scenes, the court also viewed grisly ‘live’ iPhone images captured by Broughton at 11:25 pm on September 10. These images depicted a lifeless Louella lying on her back with bloodied hands. The graphic nature of the footage was so traumatic that one juror, who had personal experiences with drug abuse within their family, had to be dismissed from service due to emotional distress.

 Louella Fletcher-Michie Video
Louella Fletcher-Michie Video

Negligence and Lack of Medical Assistance

The trial brought attention to the proximity of the festival’s on-site hospital, a mere 400 meters away from the woodland where Broughton and Louella were situated. Despite this proximity, Broughton failed to seek medical help during the six hours he spent with Louella. The prosecution argued that timely medical assistance could have saved her life. Still, Broughton’s alleged reluctance to seek help was attributed to his desire to avoid legal consequences, given that he was serving a suspended sentence and feared imprisonment.

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Father’s Emotional Condemnation

Louella’s father, Mr. John Michie, provided emotional testimony during the trial, expressing doubt about Broughton’s love for his daughter. Mr. Michie condemned Broughton’s actions, emphasizing that any normal person would have taken immediate steps to seek medical help for someone in Louella’s distressed state. The grieving father questioned Broughton’s apparent lack of concern, describing the situation as one where a loved one was left to die without any reasonable effort to save her life.


The trial of Ceon Broughton for the manslaughter of Louella Fletcher-Michie has brought to light the distressing details of the events leading to her tragic death. The unveiled video footage, coupled with the emotional testimony from Louella’s family, paints a harrowing picture of a relationship that ended in a heartbreaking loss. The legal proceedings serve as a reminder of the consequences of negligence and the importance of seeking timely medical assistance in critical situations.

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