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Speak Up is one of the largest language school networks in Europe, owned by the international investment group Penta Investments (www.pentainvestments.com). Penta is active on more than 10 markets throughout Europe and has offices in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw and Munich. It focuses on long-term investment into health care, financial services, retail, manufacturing, media and real estate development. Penta is one of the largest employers in the region and provides jobs to more than 37,000 people.

Speak Up is a modern network of English language schools. We operate schools in 7 countries - Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia Egypt and USA. We continue to grow, we plan to open several new schools this year. Speak Up is an innovative and profitable business. We are ready to share our success with franchise partners.

In addition to curriculum, Speak Up has also developed a management system which allows every single student to have his/her own learning schedule. They can book any classes that suit their free time and cancel it when busy and receive a make-up later. This means for busy working adults they will not miss any lessons which affect the training quality. Also they can learn English at anytime, anywhere all over the world as long as there is internet connection for multimedia lessons (MML). And because the MML helps students gain more knowledge about the language/structure/pronunciation etc. they have more chance to practice English in teacher led classes. “Practice makes perfect”. That’s why Speak Up students have been very happy with the method for over the past 15 years and makes this unique method become the most successful in Europe. We will have 50-50 foreign - Vietnamese teacher: the higher level the more ratio of foreign teacher will be allocated. Moreover, there is a quite good sales and marketing process having been developed for over 15 years and finally we are trained to do it.

Last but not least, SUV software/management system helps reduce about 50% number of HR and teachers but still is able to maintain good outcome. This reduces quite a lot of costs for business side.

I believe that a successful English education business model should combine the professional operation system and the good product.

  • Cutting-edge tools
    Lead to a successful launching and operation in new territories
  • Sharing the success
    We are ready to share our success and strategy with our franchise partners
  • Easier than you expect
    Initial training, on-site support, trainings, re-trainings and assistance...
  • It all comes in a package
    A robust management software and a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Staff training
    We provide comprehensive training programs that lead to a successful launching and operation
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We are present in the following countries:


Speak Up is an innovative and profitable language school corporation with corporate owned schools in 7 countries and we are ready to share our success and strategy with our franchise partners. The Speak Up unparalleled staff training and management systems will ensure a successful launching and operation in new territories.

We also provide a specific management software, a learning management system (LMS), books, manuals, training materials, call centre training, job descriptions and career paths for each position within the organization plus a wealth of marketing, sales and monitoring tools. The initial training takes place at the Speak Up HQ’s, besides on-site pre-launching support, trainings, re-trainings, and assistance.

Many of our centres reach a profit margin of well over 30%.

Our requirements:
  • entrepreneurial spirit entrepreneurial spirit
  • sales and marketing experience sales and marketing experience
  • local service industry experience local service industry experience
  • leadership leadership
  • 100k USD to 500k USD

    Min. Investment

  • 10 years

    Term of the agreement

  • 70

    Total number of centres

  • Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, USA

    Countries present

  • Will depend on size and potential of the territory

    Initial Franchise Fee

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